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Magic Effect Of Chrysanthemum tea bag

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Magic Effect Of Chrysanthemum tea bag

Nowadays, the demand of using tea bag is becoming more and more popular in every home and office because of its convenience. Chrysanthemum tea filter bag with miraculous effects is one of the most popular tea filter bags used widely in domestic and foreign region.

Chrysanthemum Tea is a herbal tea made from chrysanthemum, sweet grass, black tea, licorice. So this tea helps cooling and detoxify, anti-aging, preventing and improving the condition of dry eyes, eye strain, making skin rejuvenation.

Tan Cuong Xanh Company has processed chrysanthemum tea in the form of filter bags to maximize the convenience. Each box of Chrysanthemum tea bag has 20 packs packed in small tin bags weighing 2 grams. You just need tear the tin bag and put the tea bag into the cup with 150ml hot water and wait 2 minutes to drink.

Chrysanthemum tea bag is one of the health products increasingly selected by customers for daily use.

However, on the market there are many company providing chrysanthemum tea bag that make you do not know where to choose chrysanthemum tea is the good choice. So, in this article, Tan Cuong Xanh would like to introduce our product to you. We are confident to give customers the best choice.

1: Why you should choose Chrysanthemum tea bag of Tan Cuong Xanh company?

Answer: Tan Cuong Xanh’s chrysanthemum tea bag is made from 100% natural herbs such as: chrysanthemum, sweet grass, black tea, licorice.

Advantages of Chrysanthemum:

  1. Improving the heart (because it has flavones that help antioxidants)
  2. Curing the flu
  3. Cooling your body
  4. Improving your eyes
  5. Preventing cancer
  6. Treating insomnia, lowering blood pressure.
  7. Detoxify






Advantages of black tea: 

  1. Keeping awake, eliminate fatigue (because it contains caffeine)
  2. Preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes.
  3. Supports digestion, strengthens the immune system (because it contains tannin).
  4. Diuretic, antipyretic, detoxifying, antiseptic.


Advantages of Licorice 

Licorice can also reduce hair oil, treat itching, dermatitis, eczema, bleeding, sores, psoriasis, weight loss or skin spots. When administered intravenously, licorice is often used to treat hepatitis B and hepatitis C, mouth ulcers in people with hepatitis C.

Advantages of sweet grass

In medicine, this type of sweet grass is often used to make tea to help reduce obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. According to many studies, using tea containing sweet grass is very good for treating high blood pressure and diabetes.

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