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Green Tea Bag

Mã SP: Green Tea Bag

Thứ tư, 25 Tháng 9 2019
Đánh giá: Chưa có đánh giá
Nhà sản xuất: Tân Cương Xanh
Thông tin sản phẩm
Nhận xét

  Green Tea Bag

Weight: 20 packs x 2 grams

Description: The green tea bag is made of tea buds in Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen which is the most famous area about tea plantation in Vietnam. Using this product feels like enjoying green tea brewed by the art of tea ceremony.

The green tea bag of Tan Cuong Xanh including 20 packs x 2grams is packed in a small box which is extremely luxurious. You can use this product as a private gift or with other items in gift basket.

How to use: You tear the tin bag and put the tea bag into the cup with hot water, the strength of the tea (strong or weak) what you want to enjoy depends on the amount of water you pour in (the usual amount water is 150ml for each pack). You should use rainwater or mineral water to keep the best taste.

100 boxes / 1 carton . Length : 64cm WIDTH : 37cm Heigth : 58cm



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